Recent Calls
Sun. Mar 28th 2021
At 1344, Essex Junction Fire was dispatched automatic aid with Essex Fire, Essex Rescue and Essex Police for a 1 car motor vehicle crash, with the vehicle hanging over a cliff with the driver still in...
Mon. Jan 25th 2021
On Monday, January 25 at approximately 1259 hours the Essex Fire Department, Essex Junction Fire Department and Essex Rescue were dispatched to respond to 36 Greenbriar Drive in the Town of Essex for ...
Sun. Jan 17th 2021
On Sunday, January 17 at approximately 1919 hours, the Essex Junction Fire Department and Essex Fire Department were dispatched to respond to 25 Franklin Street in the Village of Essex Junction for a ...
Thu. Dec 10th 2020
On Thursday, December 10 at approximately 0210, the Essex and Essex Junction Fire Departments were dispatched to respond to a residence on Gentes Road for a structure fire, with flames on the back por...
Sat. Nov 14th 2020
On Saturday November 14th at approximately 0400 (0356) Essex Junction Fire was dispatched along with automatic mutual aid From Essex Fire for a car fire at 7 Densmore Drive. While call staff respond...
News Headlines
Tue. Jan 12th 2021
While 2020 was certainly a unique year for everyone here at EJFD and everyone across the community, the country and the world, the dedicated professionals of the Essex Junction Fire Department still t...
Fri. Jan 1st 2021
On behalf of Fire Chief Gaboriault, the Essex Junction Fire Department is proud to announce the following promotions and retirements effective 01/01/2020:Retirements:-Second Assistant Chief Timothy We...
Wed. Feb 19th 2020
This year's Essex Rotary "Service Above Self" Award was awarded to our Assistant Chief Tim Wear. Tim has spent over 20 years with the EJFD, always being a top participant in trainings an...
Wed. Feb 12th 2020
Last night at 6:27pm Essex Junction and Essex Fire Departments were dispatched to a stove fire on Densmore Drive. Crews arrived on scene quickly to find an active fire contained inside the oven. Crews...
Thu. Jan 2nd 2020
As we welcome the new year, we wanted to take a moment to review 2019 at the Essex Junction Fire Department. What a year it was!In 2019 the Essex Junction Fire Department responded to 491 emergency ca...
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Join our all-volunteer Fire Department!

Essex Junction Fire Department is a on-call department that includes young, and veteran Firefighters. Our department is made up of men and women who work 40 or more hours a week as secretaries, teachers, engineers, architects, medical assistants, insurance adjusters, bankers, laborers, carpenters, electricians and business men and women. They are your neighbors, the people you invite to barbecues, and who's kids play with your children. For some members, the Essex Junction Fire Department is a family tradition that includes grandfathers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and, even, husband and wife teams. Some firefighters are also allowed by their employers to respond from their workplace.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age and out of high school.
  • Must be able to read and write the English language effectively.
  • Must be living within responding distance from station.
  • Must attend 33 percent of scheduled drills each six month period.
  • Must attend rookie training through the Chittenden County Basic Course (Without Prior Experience)
  • Complete the Essex Junction Fire Department Candidate Checklist


If you are interested please fill out the short form below and the Essex Junction Fire Department will reach back out to you.


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Frequently asked questions

Must I live in Essex Junction to be a firefighter?

All volunteer firefighters are required to live within an approved responding distance from our fire station. Essex Junction firefighters pride themselves on quick response time to fire calls.

What kind of training is involved?

Essex Junction firefighters are trained in a wide range of technical skills. Some of these skills include fire suppression, hazardous materials incidents, vehicle extrication, disaster response, alarm and CO detector response and fire prevention education.

Do I have to have prior experience to join the Essex Junction Fire Department?

No, to join the Essex Junction Fire Department you do not have to have prior experience. All training you will need will be provided in the Chittenden County Basic Course and Fire Department trainings. Because the County Basic course only occurs twice a year February and October the Essex Junction Fire Department only hires members without prior experience before those courses start. If you are interested please apply and we will reach out to you before the courses start to complete your application and prepare you for the course 


If I have prior fire/rescue training and experience, will it count towards Essex Junction Fire Department training requirements?

Yes. Proof of your training, such as class records and/or grades should be sent in with your application to be reviewed by the training Chief. If hired by the department we will add your previous training to your Essex Junction Fire Department personnel file. If you meet our interior firefighting training requirements we will hire new members at any time during the year.

Does the Essex Junction Fire Department have equal requirements for entry and training?

Yes. Medical and physical requirements follow OSHA and NFPA standards. The Essex Junction Fire Department is an equal opportunity employer.

Are Essex Junction firefighters directly paid or compensated?

Yes. Members are on-call firefighters and receive an hourly wage for calls

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